Behind Green Eyes

1 Nov

Did I say that getting my eyes checked was like looking directly at the sun? What I should have said was that it was like looking directly into the Eye of Sauron. Not even kidding and yes, I am a dork.

This is what I saw. It hurt.

During the appointment, I had to pull back and apologize. I had no idea if my eye was even looking in the direction she asked. Right? Down? Was my eye even still inside of my head? I’m pretty sure if my eyes would just stay still, the entire staring process would be cut down to a minute or two. Unfortunately for me, the involuntary eye spasms when asked to look into said Eye of Sauron, creates a delay.

The good news? My eyes are free and clear of any changes. Whew!

I was out of the chair with my coat on before she could even see if I had any questions. I had my good news and could head out into the world, armed with my trusty sunglasses of course.

I wished her happy holidays and told her to enjoy next summer. Unless anything happens, I won’t have to see her ’til next fall…

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  1. Scott K. Johnson 02. Nov, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    Yay for great news! Boo for being brightened to death! :-)

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